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The deadline to submit an application for the 2017-18 Preschool Lottery has passed, but you can still apply through our general registration process.  Please click on the link below to apply:

Pittsburgh Public Schools has a long-standing history of implementing successful and effective early childhood programs in the City of Pittsburgh that fosters the educational, nutritional, social-emotional, health/mental health, and physical development and well-being of all children, including those with special needs. 
Our goal is to equip children with the educational tools and social skills necessary for a seamless transition to kindergarten and beyond. We provide children, age birth to five, with comprehensive programming designed to reinforce and respond to the unique strengths of each child individually. 
Supportive learning environments help stimulate social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth in children. We cultivate relationships with families to build bonds and encourage and support parent engagement and participation in program activities to help strengthen the family unit.  Community partnerships are formed to establish a core network of support services and resources to children and families.
Most Early Childhood Programs are available at no cost to Pittsburgh residents.
 2016-17 Program Calendar

Main Contact Information:

Pittsburgh Public Schools
Early Childhood Education
Conroy Early Childhood Center
1398 Page Street
Building A, Room 226
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 529-4291
(412) 325-0702 (fax)