Logo & Branding


Using the Pittsburgh Public Schools brand and trademarks.

The logos shown below can be used for a variety of purposes, including articles, websites, and documents (brochures, fact sheets, flyers, presentations, etc.). 




To maintain the integrity of the logo, it is important to reserve a minimum clear space around it. When using the Pittsburgh Public Schools Logo, use the size of the “P” in Pittsburgh as your guide. Whatever the P measures in the wordmark, is the minimum amount of clear space that should surround the logo.
Clearance of Logo  

Unnacceptable Use Examples 

Wrong use of Logo Wrong use of Logo

 Wrong use of Logo  Wrong use of Logo


All questions about use of the Pittsburgh Public Schools logo should be directed to Communications & Marketing staff by emailing them at communicationsandmarketing@pps.k12.pa.us or by phone at 412-622-3615