Pittsburgh Public Schools is home to extraordinary teachers. 

Over the past five years, Pittsburgh Public Schools has been on a journey to advance the teaching profession in order to help students achieve excellence. The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) and District leadership have been working together to ensure that Pittsburgh's students have effective, motivated teachers in their classrooms.
The District received significant financial investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other local and national funders in order to recognize and celebrate great teaching, provide feedback and support, empower Pittsburgh's teachers to lead, and recognize excellence in the classroom.

Below, read more about how these efforts have resulted in significant changes in how teachers experience their careers and how students experience their classrooms.  


Building a Growth-Focused System

Paul "I appreciate how the committee members have shared different perspectives on how to capture the true purpose these evaluations should have..." - Paul Ronevich, teacher at Science & Technology Academy 6-12, member of the teacher growth and evaluation advisory council

Providing Feedback and Support

RISE Using a common language about effective teaching, PPS educators receive feedback about their practice throughout the year and are offered targeted support. As a result, teachers are opening their classrooms and sharing best practices with peers, all to improve on behalf of students.



Empowering Teachers to Lead 



"Being an Instructional Teacher Leader 2 is a unique opportunity to give back...you have an opportunity to work with other teachers to help support them and grow their practice as well..." - Lea Hutson, Instructional Teacher Leader 2 at Westwood K-5


Focusing on Promise-Readiness

graduatingseniors Teams of educators called the Promise-Readiness Corps are working together to help students transition successfully into high school, provide them with individualized support, and prepare them to take advantage of The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program.


Recognizing Excellence

Patti Camper "At Arsenal 6-8, being a STAR school begins with a commitment from teachers to meet every child where they are and push them higher...we look to connect with every single child in some significant way." - Patti Camper, principal at Arsenal 6-8, a 2013-14 and 2014-15 STAR School

Read the rest of the Arsenal 6-8 story, find out what it means to be a STAR school, and learn more about how PPS is recognizing excellence in the classroom.



Bringing Effectiveness Into Focus

EER Each year, PPS teachers receive detailed information about their performance that looks at their teaching practice, their contributions to student outcomes, and how students are experiencing their classrooms.