Gifted and Talented
Gifted Students Collage

The Gifted and Talented Education program at Pittsburgh Public Schools supports unique opportunities for students who are identified as high-achieving. The overall aim of the Gifted and Talented Education at Pittsburgh Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities and experiences to help students extend their learning, develop individual potential, enhance their self-concept and become life-long, independent learners. Pittsburgh Public Schools is committed to providing differentiated activities and opportunities through which students can discover and develop their unique and individual needs, interests, talents and abilities.

The Gifted and Talented Office supports all K-8 and 9-12 Gifted and Talented Programming including:
The Pittsburgh Gifted Center provides specially designed instruction in a flexible, technology-rich environment for students identified as gifted. Students attend the Gifted Center one day per week and participate in hands-on learning activities that encourage self-directed learning, problem solving and creativity.
On-Site Gifted Support 
Students identified as Gifted receive a combination of pull-out instruction as well as push-in services provided by a Gifted Support teacher. This service seeks to maximize a student’s potential while remaining in their home school as well as providing school based support for teachers, staff, parents and the community. These services are currently offered at Pittsburgh Dilworth and Pittsburgh Grandview.
Centers for Advanced Study (CAS)
CAS courses are high-level, accelerated courses offered at most of our high schools that have an additional .5 weight to account for the the additional rigor that is infused into the curriculum.  This is a wonderful opportunity for gifted and talented students who are interested in an additional challenge.  
The CAS application for the 2017-2018 school year opens December 1, 2016 and closes February 3, 2017. Pittsburgh Public School students can download the application below or request an application from their school counselor.  Non-PPS students can download the application listed below.  In addition, teachers can use the link below to complete the teacher recommendation form.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Gifted and Talented Project Specialist Emelda Jones at 412-529-3506 or email
Advanced Placement (AP) 
The AP Program is a nationally recognized set of courses, sponsored by the College Board.  By taking AP courses, students experience challenging, college-level work.  At the end of each year-long course, they are encouraged to take the corresponding AP exam and may receive college credit.  AP courses are available at all of our high schools.